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Spring Story Time

Our first Spring story time for preschoolers was about sheep who were inventive, kind, and adventurous.

In “Can’t Sleep without Sheep” by Susanna Leonard Hill, Ava can’t sleep because the sheep she has been counting…quit! The sheep get inventive thinking of other animals for Ava to count, all of them being inadequate compared to the sheep. In the end, sleepless Ava tells the sheep how much she appreciates counting them, and things get back to normal.

The kindness of Wendy Woolcoat, just an average sheep, has her secret wish come true in, “The Sheep Fairy: When Wishes Have Wings” by Ruth Symes. Wendy saves a fairy and is granted one wish. Wendy’s wish comes true when she grows sheep fairy wings that enable her to fly. Little does she know that her secret wish would help her save her sheep friends from a wolf!

Russell’s unexpected quest for the lost treasure of Frogsbottom in the book, “Russell and the Lost Treasure” by Rob Scotton, ends with a twist.  At first, Russell believes he hasn’t found any “treasure”, except for an old camera that he says “is older than my dad”.  In the end, the fun of family photos taken with the old camera leaves Russell with treasured memories.

Posted by Miss Jane