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Project CHICK Update – Hatching Commmenced!

The chicken eggs that we have been incubating in the Children’s Department for the past 21 days are starting to wiggle, and that only means one thing – they’re hatching!  They will be available to visit in the library until Monday, May 14th at 4pm.  We’ll then be returning the chicks to Casey’s Farm to be free range chickens.

We invite you to come visit them and take photos, although children will not be able to hold them in their newly hatched state.  We would love to have you visit and answer your questions about the hatching process.

  Some chicken egg facts:

  • Incubate for 21 days
  • Require a temperature of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A hen has been recorded to rotate her eggs about 96 times a day!
  • The eggs you buy in the store are unfertilized – so no need to worry about cracking open any developing embryo’s
  • The developing embryos feed on the yolk inside the egg while growing
  • The chick breaks free from the egg with the help of an egg tooth.  After hatching, the tooth falls off
  • An average chicken weighs about 5 and a half pounds

The stages of development for a chicken egg