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Fleas, and Flies, and Ladybugs – Oh My

The latest “buzz” this preschool story time was about a pesky fly, a bad flea and a lazy ladybug.

Tiny Fly has been bothering Great Big Elephant before. He continues his pesky ways to further bother Great Big Hippo and Great Big Tiger.  Find out who finally catches Tiny Fly in “Tiny Little Fly” by Michael Rosen

In “Ed and Fred Flea” by Pamela Duncan Edwards, Fred, a flea gone bad, plots to take over the other half  of the dog from Ed flea. In his scheme to claim the dog his own, Fred disregards warnings from Ed to leave the animal, pretending he is sick with the flue and must stay. Will Fred’s plan work? Find this out and more in this humorous tale.

Being lazy prompts an adventure for a ladybug in, “The Very Lazy Ladybug” by Isobel Finn and Jack Tickle. In this story the ladybug never learned to fly because she like to sleep all day and night. One day the ladybug decides to find another place to sleep so she starts a course of hopping on passing animals. The final hop for the ladybug lands her on an elephant which sneezes;  sending her into flight for the first time!

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“Greenie” Gardeners Programs for Kids

Children and families will have a chance to get down in the dirt and become a “Greenie” with our newly installed Community Gardens at Middletown Public Library.  Beginning in June, we’ll be offering monthly gardening, plant, and nature themed programs through the Children’s Department.  The library will have a Children’s Garden that will offer hands-on experiences as well as programs that will bring the “outdoors in”.

These monthly program are free to register for.  Recommended for ages 4 and up.  To register for these programs, please visit or call the Children’s Department at 846-1573.

Saturday, June 9th at 11am: “Going Buggy” Story and Craft Program

It’s “good bugs” vs. “bad bugs” in this buggy version of Greenie Gardeners.   We’ll learn that there are good insects and bad insects for our gardens, and what some of the different kinds are.  This bug themed program will have thematic bug stories,  action rhymes, and a craft of designing your our own bug box.