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Fleas, and Flies, and Ladybugs – Oh My

The latest “buzz” this preschool story time was about a pesky fly, a bad flea and a lazy ladybug.

Tiny Fly has been bothering Great Big Elephant before. He continues his pesky ways to further bother Great Big Hippo and Great Big Tiger.  Find out who finally catches Tiny Fly in “Tiny Little Fly” by Michael Rosen

In “Ed and Fred Flea” by Pamela Duncan Edwards, Fred, a flea gone bad, plots to take over the other half  of the dog from Ed flea. In his scheme to claim the dog his own, Fred disregards warnings from Ed to leave the animal, pretending he is sick with the flue and must stay. Will Fred’s plan work? Find this out and more in this humorous tale.

Being lazy prompts an adventure for a ladybug in, “The Very Lazy Ladybug” by Isobel Finn and Jack Tickle. In this story the ladybug never learned to fly because she like to sleep all day and night. One day the ladybug decides to find another place to sleep so she starts a course of hopping on passing animals. The final hop for the ladybug lands her on an elephant which sneezes;  sending her into flight for the first time!

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A Swampy Storytime

It Came from the Swamp!

The Preschool Story time theme this Tuesday was alligators.  We read about Alfie with  a bump on his head, three gators surviving the Big Bottom Boar, and four friends deciding what to do on a rainy day.

Helen Ketteman’s “Three Little Gators” brought us into a east Texas swamp where three gators set off on their own, along with a warning from their mother.  She tells her three gators to watch out for Big Bottom Boar!  Each gator builds their own houses to keep safe, but only one house withstands Big Bottom Boar.  Can you guess which one?

In Nicole Rubel’s “It  Came from the Swamp”, Alfie the alligator gets “konked” on the head while playing baseball and having a snack at the same time. He wakes to think that he is no longer a alligator and runs away from the others. Alfie’s hunger gets him into more predicaments, until finally another “konk” on the head  brings Alfie back to his senses.

When the forecast called for rain, four alligator friends venture out to have fun in Patricia Lakin’s “Rainy Day!”.  Sam, Pam, Will, and Jill’s  fun in the rain takes them from a golf park in the fog, to a baseball game played with hail. Their travels finally bring them to a library which they decide is perfect for a rainy day.


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I Spy With My Little Eye…

Our Storytime Detectives found all the clues in this “I Spy” themed storytime!  April’s last preschool story time had everyone sleuthing around to find out who ate all the cookie dough, find a lost smile, and spot the animal hidden in the crowd.






In “Who Ate All the Cookie Dough” by Karen Beaumont, Mrs. Kanga searches to find the hungry person who ate the dough.   She asks the usual suspects, only to find out is was her baby joey Boo! It was no surprise to our preschoolers, who had a hunch all along about who it was.

“Augustus and His Smile” by Catherine Rayner had everyone wondering what had happened to his smile.  The clues all lead to finding happiness in everyday things that surround him.   He only had to look around to get his “tigery” smile back.

We found out how good everyone was at figuring out the clues to identify each hidden animal, in “I Spy with My Little Eye” by Edward Gibbs. The color of each animal was given with a follow up clue, which wasn’t needed with these sharp sleuths  in attendance.

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There are Monsters at the Library!

The subject of monsters was this week’s theme for Preschool Storytime.  First, we met Leonardo in “Leonardo, the Terrible Monster”, by Mo Willems, who is on the  search to scare someone, anyone!   After finding the perfect boy, Sam, to scare, Leonardo realizes something profound: he wants to befriend the boy.

                                                                                                                                                                    In “Monster  Mess!” by Margery Cuyler, a loud and clumsy monster decides to clean a boy’s room before taking a nap. The monster finds surprises in the room as he cleans, and just as he is settling down to sleep, the boy awakes to find he has a monster to play with!

                                                                                                                                                                       For our last book,”If You’re a Monster and You Know It” by Rebecca Emberley, had fledgling monsters giving it their best growls, stomps, roars and more, to the popular children’s song of “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”


Monsters such as Googily and Broc inspired the preschoolers to create their own monsters

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Spring Story Time

Our first Spring story time for preschoolers was about sheep who were inventive, kind, and adventurous.

In “Can’t Sleep without Sheep” by Susanna Leonard Hill, Ava can’t sleep because the sheep she has been counting…quit! The sheep get inventive thinking of other animals for Ava to count, all of them being inadequate compared to the sheep. In the end, sleepless Ava tells the sheep how much she appreciates counting them, and things get back to normal.

The kindness of Wendy Woolcoat, just an average sheep, has her secret wish come true in, “The Sheep Fairy: When Wishes Have Wings” by Ruth Symes. Wendy saves a fairy and is granted one wish. Wendy’s wish comes true when she grows sheep fairy wings that enable her to fly. Little does she know that her secret wish would help her save her sheep friends from a wolf!

Russell’s unexpected quest for the lost treasure of Frogsbottom in the book, “Russell and the Lost Treasure” by Rob Scotton, ends with a twist.  At first, Russell believes he hasn’t found any “treasure”, except for an old camera that he says “is older than my dad”.  In the end, the fun of family photos taken with the old camera leaves Russell with treasured memories.

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Superheroes – To the Rescue!

Superheroes abound as we followed the exploits of first Timothy, then Super Duck and then Hamlet the pig; each saving the day with  their own special powers in our latest Playful Preschoolers Storytime.

In the book “Timothy and the Strong Pajamas” by Viviane Schwarz , a young superhero unexpectedly finds super strength while wearing his mended pajamas. He goes on to save an elephant, a princess and kitten before finding himself in need of help from someone else!

In “Super Duck” by Jez Alborough— will Goat’s homemade kite take flight?  Will Goat’s friend Frog be saved?! Find  out what happens  when Super Duck comes to the rescue.

“Supersnouts” by Steve Bjorkman has Hamlet, the “rascal  pig with rebel ways” flying for the first time with Snoutbuster and Kernel Hog  to foil the plot of two crooks intent on robbing Farmer Frank and his wife.

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Storytime on the Move!

The December 13th storytime  theme for our Playful Preschoolers was about construction vehicles.

Sally Sutton’s book “Roadwork” had a rhyming text throughout the book that played off the sounds of construction. The rhymes started with the planing of a road and ends with the  finished highway.




Also read was “Melvin Might”by Jon Sciecszka. It is a story of Melvin the Cement Mixer.  He’s worried ABOUT worrying, yet overcomes this problem to save a fellow truck in need.




The next book read was “Truck Stuck”, by  Sally Wolf.  This book was hit! The group enjoyed the simple text and pictures where the young character solves the truck’s  dilemma. 





The theme ended with the book “Roadwork Ahead” by Anastasia Suen. A mother and son, along with their pet dog, travel to Grandma’s and encounter different situations along the way.



The story time craft involved the making of a bus, firetruck and a construction vehicle. With simple shapes the items were completed with delight.

Bulldozing our way through another craft!