Superheroes – To the Rescue!

Superheroes abound as we followed the exploits of first Timothy, then Super Duck and then Hamlet the pig; each saving the day with  their own special powers in our latest Playful Preschoolers Storytime.

In the book “Timothy and the Strong Pajamas” by Viviane Schwarz , a young superhero unexpectedly finds super strength while wearing his mended pajamas. He goes on to save an elephant, a princess and kitten before finding himself in need of help from someone else!

In “Super Duck” by Jez Alborough— will Goat’s homemade kite take flight?  Will Goat’s friend Frog be saved?! Find  out what happens  when Super Duck comes to the rescue.

“Supersnouts” by Steve Bjorkman has Hamlet, the “rascal  pig with rebel ways” flying for the first time with Snoutbuster and Kernel Hog  to foil the plot of two crooks intent on robbing Farmer Frank and his wife.

Posted by Miss Jane.


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