The Year of the Dragon

Gung Hay Fat Choy!  Or in other words…Happy Chinese New Year! 

The Year of the Dragon was celebrated at MPL Children’s Room with a nine foot hanging dragon along with a program filled with stories and a dragon craft.  Stories for the Chinese New Year program were varied. 

“The Next New Year”, by Janet S Wong, tells the story of a young boy’s veiw of the approaching Chinese New Year. The boy talks about how his different friends celebrate the holiday, and all the special preparations that he does to get ready for the  holiday.  A great book for introducing readers to the Chinese New Year.

“The Gift” by Yong Chen  The story tells of a special stone that is found by Amy’s Uncle in China and how it is made into a dragon to be given as a gift to Amy in clebration of the Chinese New Year.



“Fortune Cookies” by Albert Bitterman is a sweet story about a young girl who checks her daily fortune with fortune cookies…and cats!   Each day she learns  a lesson with each cookie she cracks open.  At the end of the week, she has just has many cats as she does fortune coookies!





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