2nd Annual Great Pumpkin Seed Contest

How many seeds do you think there are in our pumpkin?
It’s Baaaaack!  The Great Pumpkin Seed Contest has returned with a 25 pound pumpkin from Sweet Berry Farm, nicknamed “Big Jack”.  It’s a whopper of a pumpkin and it beats our 16 pound pumpkin from last year, Jackie O’Lantern, also from Sweet Berry Farm here in Middletown, RI.
The child who guesses the number of seeds

closest to the exact number in the library’s pumpkin will receive a fantastic prize of a gift certificate to

Island Books! 
Who: Children ages 4 – 12
Oct 1st—Oct 31st
Fill out the ticket provided.  One entry per child is  allowed.

Tips for guessing…
1. For each line on the outside of the pumpkin, there is a row of seeds on the inside.

2. The longer a pumpkin grows, the more lines it gets.  Its skin gets darker, too!

We based our contest on the book “How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?” by Margaret McNamara.  Check it out!

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