Passing On the Gift

During the Summer Reading Program, and as part of our Read to Feed program through Heifer International, children could vote for what animals they wanted the Friends of the Middletown Public Library to donate to.  For every book a child read, they voted for either a flock of chicks, a water buffalo, a hive of honeybees, or a goat.  Children were passionate about what animals they wanted to win and read more books so that they could have more votes.  It was a truly inspiring thing to see. 

Once the votes were counted (1,455 books were read!) the goat came out as the winner with 485 votes.  But SURPRISE!  The Friends of the Middletown Public Library have decided that they will donate money to all four animals for four struggling families in a developing nation to raise.  These animals will help families by producing milk, cheese, fertilizer, eggs, and much more.  

If you enjoy the programs here at the Middletown Public Library and would like to see more programs like the Summer Reading Program, please consider becoming a Friend.  The money they raise through dues, donations, and the Friends Book Store is then passed on to the Library for everyone to enjoy.


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