Read to Feed

For this summer’s reading program, as part of our “One World, Many Stories” reading theme, we wanted to partner with Heifer International in their “Read to Feed” campaign.  With the support of our Middletown Friends of the Library organization who are sponsoring this campaign, we chose four animals from the Heifer “gift catalog”  that children can vote towards donating money to.

The animals that were chosen were a flock of chicks, a water buffalo, a hive of honeybees, and a goat.  For every book that a child reads, they get a marble to vote with.  The more books they read, the more votes they get!

The animal with the most votes wins, and the Friends will then donate money to Heifer International for the purchase of that animal.  These animals are then sent to poverty stricken villages around the world to help struggling families earn an income and provide sustenance.

Since we have just reached the half-way mark in our summer reading program, lets see how the votes are tallying up so far:

Flock of Chicks – 210 votes

Water Buffalo – 136 votes

Goat – 117 votes

Honeybees – 107 votes

Total votes and books read so far…570 books!  Keep reading, and we can reach 1,000 books read!


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