Counting Down to Kindergarten

The countdown to Kindergarten may be on for some parents, and with that comes a lot of questions, excitement, and maybe even a little nervousness and anxiety for your little one heading off to their first day of school (maybe for you, too!).  To help with that, here is a suggested reading list of books for your future Kindergartner.

  • On the way to kindergarten / by Virginia Kroll; illustrated by Elisabeth Schlossberg 

  • Miss Bindergarten has a wild day in kindergarten / by Joseph Slate; illustrated by Ashley Wolff 

  • I’m telling you, Dex, kindergarten rocks! / by Katie Davis 

  • My kindergarten / by Rosemary Wells  

  • Henry’s 100 days of kindergarten / by Nancy Carlson 

  • The twelve days of kindergarten: a counting book / written by Deborah Lee Rose; illustrated by Carey Armstrong-Ellis

  • Countdown to kindergarten / by Alison McGhee; illustrated by Harry Bliss 

  • Welcome to kindergarten / by Anne Rockwell 

  • The last day of kindergarten / by Nancy Loewen; illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa 

  • The pirate of kindergarten / by George Ella Lyon; illustrated by Lynne Avril 

  • Kindergarten day USA and China; Kindergarten Day China and USA: a flip-me-over book / by Trish Marx and Ellen B. Senisi 

  • Eliza’s kindergarten pet / by Alice B. McGinty; illustrated by Nancy Speir 

  • Kindergarten diary / as told to Antoinette Portis by me, Annalina 

  • Adventure Annie goes to kindergarten / by Toni Buzzeo; illustrated by Amy Wummer 

  • Is your buffalo ready for kindergarten? / by Audrey Vernick; illustrated by Daniel Jennewein 

  • The kindergarten cat / by J. Patrick Lewis; illustrated by Ailie Busby 

  • Miss Bindergarten’s Kindergarten Tales / by Joseph Slate



One response to “Counting Down to Kindergarten

  1. Thanks for including the Buffalo on your list!

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