"One World, Many Stories" Summer Performers


This summer we have a packed line-up of performers for our summer reading program of “One World, Many Stories”.  All programs are FREE to attend! 

Because space is limited in our Meeting Room, tickets are required.  Please pick-up your FREE tickets in the Children’s Department.  Tickets for each performer will be available the week prior to the scheduled performer. 

  • July 6th at 2pm: Diane Edgecomb, storyteller.  “Around the World Folktales”

        Join in and travel around the world with these captivating multicultural legends. Each tale offers a participatory look at our common love of story. Celebrate engaging narratives, animal characters, songs in different languages and home-spun wisdom as one of New England’s favorite storytellers takes us from the heart of the Amazon rainforest to the forests of the Czech Republic to the villages of Africa. Celebrate the diversity of people all over the world using the common elements of story, rhythm and song.

  • July 11th at 11am:  Christopher Kavi. “Andiamo Tutti!” Celebrating Italy in Story and Song

Come along with Christopher Kavi Carbone as we travel to the country of Italy, on a Magic Gondola of the Imagination! Through interactive Storie e Canzoni (Storytelling & Songs) we will enjoy an Abbondanza of smiles & wisdom from this beloved land. Andiamo, Tutti! – Come along, Everyone!  With guitar, mandolin and everyone’s voices too, a variety of instruments and music will accompany us along the way. 

  • July 14th at 11am: Greg Cooney, musician.  “One World, Many Stories, Songs and Smiles”

 A Smile says, “Hello,” in any foreign land and kids will be full of smiles from the beginning of this program to its conclusion. Greg uses songs and stories that will get the audience up and involved with the performance.

During the show, Greg introduces fun stories, songs, and musical games from around the world. This show is very fast paced as the songs and activities move quickly to cover many parts of the world. Greg brings out his musical “SHOW and TELL” of folk instruments from around the world and talks about the cultural origins of today’s “American” instruments. These are hands on instruments and every kid gets to play something. After the rafters ring and the ground shakes with laughter and fun, everyone settles down for a quiet family browse through the library and a calm ride home with the parents (If the parents aren’t too wound up).

  • July 20th at 11am: Michelle Bach-Coulibaly.  “Stories from Mali (West Africa) Through Dance and Music” 

West African Performance and Culture has deep resonances within the American experience. The teachings from West Africa inform our notions of what it means to be an American as well as a global citizen. In this workshop with young children, we will utilize these performance traditions to build an awareness of our own cultural traditions and how tradition plays an important role in our community. Songs will be taught that use call and response, word play, lessons in geography, and creative interplay. Dances will be taught that look at the power of participation, cooperation and creativity.

  • July 25th ay 2pm: Loren Spears.  “Narragansett Stories of My Grandmothers”

 The program will include Native storytelling, oral history, music & dance focusing on the Narragansett People. There will be a variety of Native cultural items to share, opportunity for questions and answers as well as participation in program as appropriate. Also included is a short film, How Bird’s Got Their Song, featured at the Providence Film Festival, which tells the story from the perspective of Native children, followed by discussion or reflections.

  • August 2nd at 2pm:  Dave Marchetti.  “Animal Experiences from Around the World”

Animal Experiences with Dave Marchetti is the most hands on animal program you’re likely to ever see. With over 20 animals- including turtles, snakes, lizards, amphibians, and even an alligator-there is something everyone will like. Dave’s program runs about an hour with plenty of time for his audience to handle the animals on their own. From Wally the gator to Buddy the chinchilla his animals love attention.

  • August 9th at 11am:  Ronald McDonald, “Ronald McDonald’s Reading Adventure Show!” 

Have a world of fun throughout “Ronald McDonald’s Reading Adventure Show!” This exciting adventure will inspire readers to discover “Book Time” each day.
This 30 minute show is filled with adventure, magic, discovery, audience participation and reading fun.

One world, many stories and fun adventures with Ronald. 

  • August 17th at 11am: Thomas Holmes, The Great Baldini.  “Magic Around the World”  

Join The Great Baldini and his beautiful skeleton assistant, Skinny, on a magical tour of our planet. You’ll laugh, learn, and be amazed by different tricks from every continent. The Great Baldini has been entertaining folks for years through his unique style of humor and magic. Along with Skinny, he’ll be sharing stories from many of the different countries of the world.

We will also be awarding the Summer Reading Program reading awards and prize bags during this program!  If you cannot attend this program, you can visit us later and we will give you your prize bag at that time!    


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