Where Did That Baby Come From?!

Do you have a baby on the way?  Do you already have a child that is about to be a new older brother or sister?  Then we have plenty of picture books that can help a new older brother or sister deal with the adjustment of having to share you as a parent.   All of these titles can be requested through our catalog .

Barfburger Baby, I Was Here First by Paula Danziger
Jonathon was there first, but then his interloper baby brother is born and he is none too happy about it.  All that baby does is poop, drool, and pass gas, so what’s so great about it?  Jealous at all the attention the new baby is getting from friends and family, and annoyed that they keep calling him Jonathon Pookie Bear (ugh!), he finds a way to make amends with the new baby and get rid of his old nickname.  Grades PreS-K.

Where Did That Baby Come From? by Debi Gliori
“Where did that baby come from?  And can we take it back?  It wails and squeaks.  It’s diaper leaks.  It’s an insomniac.”  Older siblings will relate to the chaos of sounds and new routines that comes with having a new baby in the house.  Written in witty verse, this story follows an older tiger cub who is aghast at all the noise and smells coming from such a small baby, but who ultimately sees the joy that a new baby can be.  Grades PreS-3.

Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth! by Sarah Weeks
Sophie Peterman is an older sister, and she is here to tell you the truth about babies.  Babies are messy, smelly, whiny, crying things that look like aliens and even when they start walking and talking, that just means they’re turning into monsters who like to get into all your stuff.  But don’t worry, you might start to like that little monster…just don’t tell your parents…because they might bring home another one.  Grades PreS-2.

If you are interested in these books, you might also like:
Baby Baby Blah Blah Blah by Jonathan Shipton
Lazy Little Loafers by Susan Orlean
But I Wanted a Baby Brother by Kate Feiffer
Once Upon a Baby Brother by Sarah Sullivan


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