Calling all Wimpy Kids!

      The movie ” The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Greg Heffley’s Journal”, opens today in Middletown and in theaters across the country! Diary of a Wimpy Kid tells about  preteen Greg Heffley’s misadventures  as a “weakling”  in a school of cool kids. In the movie, Greg is played by actor Zachary Gordon. Zachary has been in other movies and has won a Young artist’s Award for his acting. Robert Capron co-stars as Zachary’s friend, Rowley. In real life, Robert comes from Rhode Island, and took acting classes at Trinity Rep in Providence.  READ THE BOOKS!  Author Jeff Kinney, an online game designer, first began writing the series as a comic strip blog. There are four books in the humorous Wimpy Kid series so far. The books are written to look like Greg’s diaries. Greg is pictured in the books as a cartoon character with a big head, big nose, big ears, big backpack and three strands of stand-up-straight hair. Middletown Public Library’s Kids’ Dept.has many copies of the Wimpy Kid books. You can also listen to Greg’s tales on CD. If our copies of this popular series are out, we’ll be happy to reserve one especially for you! Pick up Kinney’s books and get wimpy now!


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